Police Drop in Meeting

Your local officers will be holding a drop in surgery at Dorridge Methodist Church, Mill Lane, Dorridge on Friday 23rd February between 6 and 7 pm.  Come along and discuss any concerns you might have in the local area.


Tom Attwood (Police, PCSO, Solihull Rural)

Take Five to Stop Fraud Week

22-26 JANUARY 2018

Neighbourhood Watch is proud to be supporting Take Five To Stop Fraud Week.

Take Five To Stop Fraud Week is part of the national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the Government, backed by the banking industry coming together to tackle fraud.

The advice being issued this week is really simple but it can stop you becoming a victim of fraud.

  1. A genuine bank or organisation will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, full password or to move money to another account. Only give out your personal or financial details to use a service that you have given your consent to, that you trust and that you are expecting to be contacted by.
  2. Don’t be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
  3. Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam. Instead, contact the company directly using a known email or phone number.

Together we can help stop fraud.

To read more about the campaign and to access all the resources go to


Consultation on Local Pharmacy Services

Solihull Council would like to hear people’s views on a draft Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) which will help ensure residents have good access to local pharmacy (chemist) services.

This is a follow-up consultation from a survey carried out in September asking for people’s views on pharmacy services in Solihull.

The draft PNA looks at the current provision of pharmaceutical services across Solihull and whether they meet the current and future needs of residents, identifying any potential gaps in services.

NHS England will use the PNA when making decisions regarding applications for new or changes to, existing pharmaceutical services. It will also be used by NHS England, Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Solihull Council to inform their commissioning of local pharmaceutical services.

The draft PNA has been put together on behalf of Solihull Health and Wellbeing Board using the analysis of local health needs, local information, intelligence, and surveys with the public and pharmacies.

People are invited to read the draft PNA and share their views by completing a short survey at: www.solihull.gov.uk/consultation

The closing date for the consultation is Monday 22 January 2018.  Feedback will be used to inform the final PNA which will be ready for publication by 1 April 2018.

For more information contact Claire Cook, Communications Officer, on 0121 704 6136.

Aylesbury House Hotel – Update

The Parish Council have been advised that Spitfire took the difficult decision at the end of 2017 to withdraw from the Aylesbury House development. Spitfire stated:

“We were careful to select a new developer for the site. It was important the new developer shared our values for quality and design”.

The site which now has planning consent will be developed by Cameron Homes.

Tesco Bags of Help – Fundraising for Play Equipment in Hockley Heath Park

The Hockley Heath Residents Association, with support from the Parish Council, have applied for a Tesco grant and have successfully been shortlisted to receive a prize of either £1,000, £2,000 or £4,000 towards play equipment for younger children in the park. Throughout January and February shoppers at a number of regional Tesco stores can vote for 3 projects, of which the Youngsters of Hockley Heath is one, by dropping a token in a voting box – you may have seen them by the entrance to Tesco stores. Please vote for this local project, your support is very much appreciated.

Planning Applications and how to comment on them…

Let’s be honest, the only time most of us have any dealings with planning is when the neighbours want to build and extension, or a new residential development is planned in the village.  Planning is a very sensitive issue – especially when we feel that our lives will be negatively affected.  It is worth mentioning that not all planning is ‘bad’ planning.

Below we highlight links to various documents which may help you to deal with planning matters.  If you are confused or concerned, it maybe that one or more of these documents will be able to help.  Don’t forget that you can always call the planning case officer and ask questions for clarification of points.  Should you wish to support or object to a planning application, make sure that you quote policy numbers from the Local Plan to support your stance, and be focused on your issues.

What is NOT material consideration:

Devaluation of property
Loss of private view
Breach of a restrictive covenant
Loss of business (from competition etc.)
Disturbance caused by construction
Who the applicant or intended occupant is

What IS material consideration:

Overlooking / loss of privacy
Loss of light / overshadowing
Effect on listed buildings and conservation areas
Highways safety
Layout and density of building
Design / appearance / materials
Government Policy
Disabled persons access
Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
Nature Conservation

How to respond to Planning Applications: an 8 step guide – this is produced by Campaign to Protect Rural England and National Association of Local Councils.   It gives a clear guide as to what to comment on / what not to comment on and how to word your comments for best effect.

National Planning Policy Framework: sets out the Governments planning policies and how they are expected to be applied.  It provides the framework within which local people and their accountable councils can produce their own local and neighbourhood plans.

Do you need permission? What is permitted development?  These questions are clearly answered on the Planning Portal website.  On this website you can click on the interactive property – detached house / terrace / flat/shop and this takes you to a quick guide to permitted development.  On the right hand side of the page are links to common projects undertaken.

Serving the Local Community