Hockley Heath to Solihull Bus Route Change

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has recently undergone a tendering process for bus providers and also a consultation of proposed route changes, with the intention of these taking effect from 23 February 2019. The consultation stated:

“S3 No change proposed to the existing route from Hockley Heath to Solihull within the February changes. Solihull to Wythall section – see options 2, 3 and 4 under S2”.

However, as a result of the consultation and appointing a new provider – Landflight, the route from Hockley Heath to Solihull has now changed and no longer connects to Knowle (it is now a circular route which connects to Dorridge, Bentley Heath and Solihull, or alternatively to Solihull via BVP, Cheswick Green and Shirley named A7/A8). You can view the routes here: https://www.landflight.co.uk/bus-services/

Anyone wishing to travel directly to Knowle will need to catch 2 buses, changing at Dorridge (the A3 will run from Dorridge to Knowle). The Parish Council have spoken with TfWM and raised many issues, in particular school children travelling to Arden. TfWM stated that they are currently talking to Landflight to see whether they can extend the service for school children.

The Parish Council has also raised the issue of the route change with a number of organisations and individuals. TfWM state that if you have any comments about the changes to the S3/S3W service then contact Customer Services so all comments can be logged and looked at. The email is customerservices@tfwm.org.uk