Local burglars plead guilty

In light of the recent spike in burglaries, Solihull Police are pleased to inform Solihull residents that 3 males pleaded guilty to burglary in court today.  These offences were daytime break-ins across the Rural/ Solihull Area.

Sentencing for 2 of the men was 2 years 4 months. The 3rd man received a sentence of 2 years 7 months.    The police continue to carry out active burglary patrols across Solihull if you see any suspicious activity call the Police on 101.

For advice on how to secure your home pleas click on the link below

It would be great if you could also sign up to the WM Now alert system, which will email you alerts on spikes in crime, local updates on local issues/ crime prevention from various partner agencies i.e. Fire, Council, Action Fraud ect. You can personalise who you get alerts from, once you have set yourself up as a member.

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