MAN vs FAT – A Football Weightloss Programme comes to Solihull

MAN v FAT Football is coming to Lode Heath

The popular MAN v FAT Football scheme which launched in Solihull in January last year is returning for a new free league at Lode Heath School, starting on January 31st.

Local men who want to tackle their weight issues now have the chance to join this incredibly successful weight loss league. With 95% of players losing weight and some players losing up to 70lbs during the 14 week league, it’s no wonder that the Football Association have officially endorsed the leagues.

Set up by Andrew Shanahan who himself lost five stone and was fed-up with weight loss classes just for women, MAN v FAT has been brought to the area by Solihull Council and combines football with 24/7 online and offline support. The leagues are different from the traditional football leagues, which many overweight and obese men find off-putting, because the weigh-in before each game contributes to the league position just as much as the score on the pitch.

As well as national press coverage and appearances on Sky Sports and BBC’s The One Show, last year also saw MAN v FAT Football receive the ultimate accolade: the first official endorsement that the Football Association have ever given to a weight loss company.

Andy Dyke, National Participation Manager of Recreational Football at the Football Association said, “Football doesn’t begin and end with the professional game, there are different levels and styles of football played throughout the UK. MAN v FAT Football is a brilliant initiative for anyone who wants to address their weight and start working their way back into playing football. The results of the leagues are extremely impressive and we are excited to see the impact this could have on men’s health across the country and around the world. You might be thinking that your footballing days are behind you, but MAN v FAT Football is a great bridge back into the national game. The FA are happy to back the scheme and suggest that players visit to get started.”

MAN v FAT Football launches at Lode Heath School from the 31st January and runs every Tuesday from 7.30-9.30pm for the next 14 weeks. It is completely free for Solihull residents and workers to register and the cost of games is also covered by Solihull Council. The only thing you have to lose in joining up is weight.

Players can join up at and they can get more information by calling 0845 163 0042 or emailing

For MAN v Fat media enquiries contact Andrew Shanahan on 07792017766.

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