Neighbourhood Plan update – 16th January 2017

16th January 2017

What a fantastic turn out!  It was brilliant to see so many local people come along to the public consultation.  We had a steady turn out with nearly 200 people sign in between 1pm and 6pm.  Residents were able to speak with Waterloo Homes about the affordable housing development on the Stratford Road which is due to on site in March 2017.  Spitfire were there to talk about Aylesbury House development and the opportunities that holds.  Solihull Council arrived at 3.30pm, hot foot from their Local Plan consulation in Knowle and answered many of your questions about housing development in the parish.  Parish Councillors and representatives from the Residents Association and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group were  there to talk through your concerns and hopes for the village.

The steering group are now going to meet to assimilate all of your comments and ideas and do two things: with HHPC, create an informed response to SMBC draft Local Plan; finalise the questionaire which will then be sent to ALL parish residents for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Once again, thank you to all for your thoughts, vierws and comments.

To see the Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meetings – PLEASE CLICK HERE

To see all the background and associated documents for the Neighbourhood Plan – PLEASE CLICK HERE

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We are pleased to confirm that all the work for the Neighbourhood Plan, its promotion, the development of the questionnaires and assesment of the questionnaires, is being funded by a grant from central government and not from the local council tax / precept.

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