South Warwickshire Local Plan

The Parish Council meeting on 20th January 2022 (item 159.3) advised of the call for sites outcome for the South Warwickshire Local Plan. This Local Plan is being devised jointly by Stratford on Avon Council and Warwick District Council. The Parish of Hockley Heath is on the border with both Warwick’s boundary (Aylesbury Road area) and also Stratford’s (Spring Lane area).

A call for sites has been undertaken in which landowners can put forward their land for housing development. The information can be found on the link below on an interactive map that also allows you to click on the greenbelt, showing that Hockley Heath is surrounded by greenbelt land.…/webappviewer/index.html…

In January, the Parish Council had written to all SMBC Ward Councillors, along with SMBC’s Spatial Planning department, to advise them of the sites currently being put forward for housing development. The Parish Council has also written to staff members developing the South Warwickshire Local Plan and highlighted the duty to co-operate with SMBC and advised them that SMBC determined, through their Local Plan, that Hockley Heath was only suitable for small scale development which was the reason why SMBC only proposed one development in Hockley Heath (School Road).

Irrespective of whether these locations, through the call for sites, lie within the Lapworth Parish or the Tanworth-in-Arden Parish, due their proximity to the Hockley Heath village centre, the greatest impact will be upon Hockley Heath, and both SMBC and South Warwickshire have been advised of this by the Parish Council.

South Warwickshire have not assessed any of the sites put forward in the call for sites for suitability and they are not yet at the public consultation stage for these sites. Once a consultation opens then the Parish Council will respond and inform all residents of the consultation dates.