Hockley Heath Park Traveller Incursion 11/8/2015

The Travellers have been successfully moved on from the Park today at 6.00pm. It has been a good example of effective communication and good decision making based on regular informed interaction between Residents, HHPC, SMBC professionals and the West Midlands Police.
I would particularly like to thank Alan Brown, SMBC Head of Environmental Services and his team at SMBC for working so effectively and quickly on behalf of the Hockley Heath Community and Parish Council.
The decision made this evening by the responsible West Midlands Police commander of resources at the scene was intelligent and judged the situation perfectly. Ably abetted by the SMBC Environmental Services team on the ground with the Police. Well done!
This action helps to restore confidence to Hockley Heath residents and businesses in the effectiveness of West Midlands Policing and their much improved coordination with the SMBC Environmental Services professional team.
HHPC will now be conducting an inspection of buildings and facilities in the Park. However an initial review seems to indicate no serious damage to the grounds, buildings, bowling club and play equipment. However there is considerable waste and litter left on the Park grounds.
This means there is a significant health and safety hazard from bottles, waste and fouling from rubbish left behind on the park and in the surrounding ditches. HHPC has commissioned SMBC Environmental Services to send a crew to clear and dispose of the dangerous mess. In the meantime we have cordoned off the lower park to residents until cleared.
You will be pleased to hear the HH Bowls Club were out in force this evening playing on their pitch once again as the Park returns to normal service. Many thanks to residents who raised the alarm and village organisations that helped communicate information to the village during this distressing episode and also those who helped with the clearing up operations.
The Park main gates on to Old Warwick Road will remain closed whilst HHPC reviews the future security options for the Park. All current Park and Pavilion key holders are now required to open and close the main gates at all times. Once the new security measures are in place we hope normal service can be resumed.
Finally this episode will not disrupt or delay the HHPC upgrading of the children’s play area which commences in September.
Kind Regards, Peter
Peter T. Rayson
Hockley Heath Parish Council