Superfast Broadband gets closer to Hockley Heath

Hockley Heath has moved a step closer to getting superfast broadband as the area has now turned pink on the CSW Broadband rollout map, meaning that cabinets Lapworth 1, 2 and 9 are now scheduled for upgrade at some point in the next six months. Information about the cabinets can be found at and the updated map showing the coverage is at
Of course, all of the usual caveats apply with regard to the fact that nothing is certain until the service actually goes live, and that there are a number of factors that can affect the speeds that will be achieved, such as the distance of individual properties from the cabinet.
Engineers will soon be working to carry out a number of tasks, such as installing the new cabinet, running the fibre connection back to the exchange, connecting the new cabinet to the old one so that the final connection to properties can be made through the existing copper network and, of course, providing power to make everything work.
There may be some disruption to traffic whilst the work is being carried out, and in some cases rolling traffic management will be required which will necessitate the use of traffic lights or other measures to ensure the safety of the engineers. However, this temporary disruption is all in a good cause.
Once the cabinet has gone live the area will turn green on our map and on the 12-month plan. At that point you can order the service from a number of different Internet Service Providers. It is best to check carefully as there are a wide range of packages available, with some including telephone calls and even TV options. For impartial advice and to see which might be best for you visit