Hockley Heath Parish Council

Hockley Heath Parish Council was set up in 2009 following the reorganisation of the parish councils in south Solihull.

Neighbourhood Plan

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What is Hockley Heath Parish Council?

A Parish Council is the first and smallest tier or layer in local government. The next layer is Solihull Metropolitan District Council. Both of these councils have elected Councillors. A parish is a type of English local government unit, going back for centuries. We have no official links to the Parish Church and the Parochial Church Councils.

What is Hockley Heath Parish Council for?

We have a statutory right to be consulted on planning applications and Hockley Heath Parish Council is expected to represent the interests of the Parish by supporting, making comments or objecting to all or part of formal applications. In addition, HHPC will also consider many other things which concern local residents, such as traffic, litter and play facilities. It makes grants of money to deserving local organisations where the life and welfare of local people will be improved.

Newsletters that keep you updated.

The Parish Council publish a quarterly newsletter which is delivered to every house in the village.