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The Parish Council has a part-time Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer, Mrs J. McDougall, and five Councillors. The Clerk is available Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 12.45 pm. You can contact the Clerk in the following ways:

tel: 07591 954002

Hockley Heath Parish Council
The Pavilion,
Hockley Heath Recreation Ground,
Old Warwick Road,
Hockley Heath,
B94 6HH.

Ordinary Parish Council meetings are generally held on the third Thursday in the month starting at 7.00pm. They are held at the Pavilion, Hockley Heath Recreation Ground and members of the public and press are welcome to attend. Agendas and minutes are posted online (Parish Council website) to enable all members of the community to keep up to date with Parish Council activities, when unable to attend meetings, and these documents are also posted on the noticeboard in the village (outside the dental practice). The agenda will state the date and time of the meetings.

The Parish Council has five democratically elected Councillors (which is the maximum number of seats available on the Hockley Heath Parish Council, determined by the Local Authority). The Councillors all resided within the village at the time of the last election (May 2019) and their term of office will end in May 2023, at which time new elections will take place. Parish Councillors are able to claim a financial allowance to cover the work they undertake, however none of the current Parish Councillors on Hockley Heath Parish Council have chosen to take an allowance and all give their time freely. The Parish Councillors are:

Cllr Rayson (Chair)

Cllr Batchelor

Cllr Cooper

Cllr McDougall

Cllr Quinton

Councillors can be contacted via the Clerk, however if your query is of a confidential nature and you need to speak directly with a Councillor, you can request a Councillor’s email address from the Clerk.