Annual Meetings

Annual Parish Meeting

Every English Parish must have an Annual Parish Meeting held between 1st March and 1st June (inclusive). Although the meeting is convened, chaired and minuted by the Parish Council, it is not a Parish Council meeting but a meeting of registered electors (including councillors who are registered electors). The purpose of the meeting is to enable the registered electors to discuss parish affairs and to pass resolutions thereon. This meeting is also an opportunity for the Parish Council (and higher tiers of local government) and community group leaders, to explain their activities over the last year. Any registered elector may ask questions of the Council. These will usually be answered by the Chair or the Parish Clerk or a designated Councillor. An elector may also make suggestions and comment on parish issues and propose resolutions. The Chairman of the Parish Council must chair the meeting if present. In their absence the vice chair must preside if present. If neither is able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairman from those electors present. A written record will be taken on the meeting by the Parish Clerk.

Due to COVID-19, changes were made to the legislation in April 2020 which removed the requirement to hold the Annual Parish Meeting between 1st March and 1st June. Parish Councils had been awaiting confirmation as to whether this meeting could be held remotely. Industry bodies recommended in January 2021 that the meeting could be held remotely, hence the first Annual Parish Meeting since 2019 will be held in February 2021.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

A Parish Council is a statutory body not a club, charity or association and therefore it does not hold an annual general meeting (AGM). However, the Parish Council must hold an Annual Meeting of the Parish Council during May. In an election year, this meeting must be held between 4 and 14 days after polling day. This is the meeting of the Parish Council where they elect the Chair, make other annual appointments and review insurance, risk management, policies etc. In Hockley Heath, the Annual Parish Meeting is normally held on the 3rd Thursday of May at the Pavilion, Hockley Heath Recreation Ground, Old Warwick Road, Hockley Heath, Solihull B94 6HH.