Superfast Broadband Update

The Parish Council have received the following from the co-ordinators of Superfast Broadband in the local area:

Hello Champions

Rollout Update

The rollout has been progressing well with 79 Cabinets that have already gone live and ready to accept orders for fibre broadband services! Cabinets continue to go live regularly so please do keep checking back on the rolling 12-month plan on our website for the most up-to-date information.

Please note that the map is updated on a monthly basis so it may be that some areas that are now live are not yet shown as such on the map. Therefore it is important to encourage residents to check the 12 month plan should they have a query about their current broadband upgrade status.

Procurement Update

As you are no doubt aware we continue to run through the procurement process for our additional block of money and we hope to have the areas defined for upgrade by Spring 2015. When we get to that stage these additional areas will be rolled into our NGA deployment map providing a complete picture of where the upgrades will go.

Getting the Word Out

Now that superfast broadband is available in some of your areas, it’s important to make sure that all residents can take advantage of its benefits and we need your help to do this.

There are a number of things you can do to help us make your local community aware of the superfast broadband that is now available and the many benefits it provides:

Distribute flyers to the properties that are most likely to benefit from the upgrade. We would provide you with flyers and a relevant address list. This is an important point, as some premises may be too far from the exchange to benefit from the upgrade at this stage, and we don’t want to build an unreasonable expectation.

Provide us with the details of your parish or village website and/or newsletter. By providing us with this information, we can contact the relevant people to ensure that even more people are informed of the new superfast broadband services available. Alternatively, the following link provides copy that can be used for parish and village websites, newsletters or flyers if you would like to provide them with this yourself:

If you are able to collect flyers from your local council offices and/or have parish/village website or newsletter contact details, we would greatly appreciate you getting in touch.

We will also be getting in touch with each you individually where your local cabinet is ‘live’ over the coming days so do look out for the emails from us.

Other News

And finally after nearly 2 years based at Wedgnock House the project office has moved to a new building closer to Warwick town centre. We are now settled into our new home here at Saltisford Office Park but will continue to be contactable on the same email addresses and telephone numbers.

Thank you all again for all your support and please do get in touch should you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Gurprit Basran

CSW Broadband
Warwickshire County Council
Tel: 01926738320
CSW Broadband project – bringing faster broadband to your area