Members Code of Conduct

Relevant authorities, including parish and town councils, are under a general duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their members and voting co-opted members. As part of this duty they are required to adopt a code of conduct for their members and must take steps to publicise their code.  All local codes must be consistent with the following principles of standards in public life

  • selflessness
  • integrity
  • objectivity
  • accountability
  • openness
  • honesty
  • leadership

Hockley Heath Parish Council has elected to adopt the Local Government Association Model Code of Conduct.  This was adopted on 20th May 2021 during the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, minute reference 109.1.

Any complaints that the conduct of a Parish Councillor is in breach of the Code of Conduct, should be made to the SMBC Monitoring Officer who will decide whether a possible breach of the Code of Conduct is involved and what action to take.  For more information on this matter, please go to Complain about a Councillor ( Complaints must be made in writing and submitted to:
The Monitoring Officer
Solihull MBC
Council House
B91 2QB

You should send copies of any documents which support your complaint.

If you have any questions or difficulties in completing any documentation please contact the Monitoring Officer by email at