Aylesbury House Fire – Spitfire press release

Aylesbury House: Press Release

On Wednesday night there was an outbreak of fire at the site owned by Spitfire Homes at Aylesbury House, Aylesbury Road, Hockley Heath.

There were no casualties as the site is secured and derelict. The building that was largely destroyed was an outbuilding and fortunately did not affect the listed building of Aylesbury House itself.

The site is the subject of a planning application to renovate and refurbish the Historic House into 5 properties which is currently in a state of dereliction and to erect 14 new build properties.

Whilst awaiting determination of the planning application the site has been secured to all perimeters and a security firm has been employed to provide visits on a regular basis.  Spitfire have in response to this incident increased on site security presence to 24 hour cover and have made a separate and urgent application to the planning authority to demolish what remains of the fire affected building as this now represents a health and safety risk to the public.

Spitfire confirm that they have complied with all advice provided by their Health and safety consultants and the local building inspector.


Spitfire Properties LLP

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